The babe that started it all April 06 2014

Lilla Barn wouldn't exist if I hadn't had my baby girl, Johanna. 

When I was pregnant my nesting phase manifested itself in sewing. I couldn't find the baby clothes that I wanted for Jo (in my price range) so I decided to make them. And I made a lot of them. I sewed and sewed and sewed and sewed. 

Then I talked with my family about starting an Etsy shop. So we did. And we sold stuff. So we made some more. And we sold more. 

Then we started making connections with other cool people and cool businesses. And then we made more stuff. 

And now it's a business. Neat, huh?

This is my baby. Thanks for being such an inspiration, Jo.

Remember when I talked about meeting other cool people and cool businesses? Well, Melissa from A Little Photo Studio & Heritage Littles is one of those people (who owns a couple of super awesome businesses). She took these pics of Jo at Dose Market last year (another cool business).   

Speaking of Dose. We'll be there again in May! Hooray!