Father's Day Event & DIY Project May 31 2014

Father's Day is coming up and we needed a project...so we're really excited to partner with The Land of Nod on a super cool event.

Hooray! Kids get to decorate a free neck tie for Dad (made by us), and you can shop our Lilla Barn clothes & accessories in person (and the other cool things at The Land of Nod). It's going to be awesome! You should totally come. 

When: Sunday, June 8, 2014 -- 11am-1pm

Where: The Land of Nod, North & Clybourn location (900 W. North Ave., Chicago)

Space is limited so be sure to RSVP to nodevents@landofnod.com.

Not able to be there or you don't live in Chicago? No worries, here is a little tutorial on how to make your own tie for Dad. 

(Not crafty? Just want to buy a tie to decorate? You can get one here.)

Sew & Decorate a Custom Tie for DAD!

1. Start with a pattern. You can make your own. Find a tie in the closet and trace a pattern onto paper. You may need to cut the pattern in half if your paper isn't big enough. That's what I did. Then I taped it together to make one piece. Add about 1/4" all the way around to accommodate for a seam. You'll see my pattern isn't super straight. That's totally fine if yours looks like that too. Imperfections are delightful...and expected in handmade items. 

You'll notice that Jo decorated my pattern too. 

Side note: always iron your fabric. I wanted to take a picture right away so I didn't iron my fabric first. Mistake. Don't do it. Iron your fabric. Always

2. Pick your fabric. I used a solid white cotton. You can use any fabric you want. Go crazy! You'll probably need two yards to accommodate for the length of the tie. You'll have leftover fabric that you can make into anything. 

3. Cut. You need to cut two tie pieces, so fold your ironed fabric in half (the long way). Lay your pattern down on your fabric and pin it to keep it from moving around. Cut. 

4. Pin. Right sides together, pin your two tie pieces to each other. If you're using a solid color, you wan't have to worry about right sides. 

5. Sew your pieces together leaving a hole about 2-2.5" wide in the side seam close to the back end of the tie.

6. Trim your corners. This helps make the corners look clean when you flip it. 

7. Flip your tie right-side-out. This took me the longest time. I still haven't found the perfect method of flipping these yet. If you have a great way to do it, let me know. 

8. Dig out your corners. My mama uses a pin to dig them out. I've also heard that some people use a pencil to push from the inside. Do what works best for you.  

9. Iron again. Don't skimp on the ironing. 

10. Hand-stitch up the hole at the bottom. It's going to look like this (tied).

11. Decorate! We used fabric markers that I got at JoAnn Fabrics. Really, any fabric markers will do.