UB2 - We love you! July 21 2014

Ever since Jo was tiny, I've been a fan of UB2 (Urban Baby Bonnets). UB2 is a mama-founded company that employs work-at-home moms as sewists (which makes them super cool in my book). One guess as to what their product is...HATS! And other awesome things. But mostly hats. 

And these are amazing hats, folks. Cool fabrics. Reversible. Organic options. Multiple styles: bonnets, winter bonnets, caps, and more. On a side note, when Jo was nursing, the bonnet provided the perfect amount of coverage (for me) for nursing in public.  

We've bought a number of UB2 bonnets; we've lost at least one, she's grown out of a few more, and they are perfect for gifts. Here's our most recent bonnet in action. (Photo by Sooz Main)

I recently reached out to Colette (UB2's founder) to ask her some business-related questions. I greatly admire her business and wanted to pick her brain. Although I'd never been in touch with her before, she responded right away and graciously answered my questions. She also suggested that their caps would look great with our Lilla bow ties...and then she sent me a few.

Take a look for yourself.

And the reverse side. 

Jo liked wearing a cap as well. You can see that the caps (as well as all UB2 hats) have a snap strap that keeps the hat on. You can also tuck the straps up into the hat if your little one wants to go strap-free. 

And of course, Jo and Gunnar had a great time together in their caps. I'm actually surprised we got them to sit still for so long. It may have had something to do with gummy bears...

Need more cap and tie styling options?



Huge thanks to Colette and UB2 for the caps and for being so awesome! And as always, thanks to Gunnar and Jo for being fantastic models. 

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