Lilla Barn + Indigo & Snow = awesomeness! June 22 2015

You may know this already, but we worked with Annabella Sardelis from Indigo & Snow to get custom hand-dyed fabric for our summer collection. It was our first collaboration with another artist/maker and it was so so great! I thought we could share a bit of the process here.
I discovered Indigo & Snow on Instagram through Hackwith Design House's IG feed. They've worked together in the past, they are both Minneapolis-based, and they both have drool-worthy IG feeds. After finding the Indigo & Snow shop, I bought a pair of her hand-dyed leggings. These, actually.


Awesome, right? Then I reached out to Annabella about working together on custom fabric for our summer line. And she said yes!

Here's how it worked:

I really wanted to work with one woven fabric and one knit fabric and was able to get samples from Dharma Trading. Hooray! We finally settled on a bamboo rayon (that drapes fantastically) and a rayon/spandex jersey that is some of the softest stretch fabric I've ever felt. I ordered the fabric, had it sent directly to Annabella, and she took it from there. 

Here are a few pics of her dying process (taken directly from her IG feed):


Annabella suggested a shibori technique called KIKKO for the bamboo fabric. Kikko means turtle shell. This technique creates an angular design with triangles and it ends up looking like this. See the turtle shell? 


Since it can be difficult to get consistent results using shibori techniques on knit fabric, Annabella suggested a more free-form dying technique for the rayon jersey using clothes pins. Lots and lots of clothes pins. 

Here's what it looked like on the clothesline. 


I traveled to Iowa and Minnesota in April to see family and also got to meet Annabella, see her studio, and see my fabric in person.  We looked at a sample of the dyed rayon jersey and I told her what I liked most. She took that and ran with it. Here's what the sample looked like:

Here's us talking. Super interesting, right?
So what did we make with these fabrics? I wanted to keep it simple since the fabrics really make a statement.

For babies I made a classic, unisex baby t-shirt that pairs perfectly with matching leggings. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this fabric is perhaps some of the softest fabric I've ever felt. I want to live in it all day. For real. 


These leggings are available in sizes 6-12 months up to a 4T. I love that every pair looks different. 


The bamboo fabric worked perfectly for this little tank available in sizes 18-24 months up to a kid 6. 


And then there's this little dress. The bodice fabric is a vintage cotton that I only had 2 yards of, so there are only three of these dresses. Ever. That's it.


Don't forget the ladies! I made a few women's tops so I could wear them. Then I made a few more. One size fits many (I would say up to a 10). You can find them here

Hooray! Now you know. We can't wait to collaborate again.