Let's talk Slow Fashion.

Let's talk Slow Fashion.

Slow Fashion. What is it? What is that name all about? What does it all mean? 
The phrase “slow fashion” is new to many people even though slow fashion has been around forever. It’s “slow” because each part of the process is intentional. More time is put into each design and garment on the production side. Also, by slowing down our own purchasing process, slow fashion forces us to think about the impact of our choices in the fashion industry and how they affect our planet and its people.

To me, the slow fashion process is thoughtful from start to finish: from design to production and eventually to the consumer’s purchase process. It's a cycle that you can be part of. 

Here are a few highlights behind the slow fashion movement:

  • Garments are well-made and designed to be timeless. You should be able to wear a piece for a lifetime or pass it on to someone else if you choose.
  • There is always a story behind each piece – especially if it’s handmade. The where/how/why’s are different for every designer, but there is always a story. This makes for a great gift. 
  • Companies and makers are transparent so you know who makes your clothes and where/how they are made.
  • It's better for the environment. With fewer garments being made, there is less waste and fewer natural resources and chemicals are used.

Obviously, the slow fashion movement is important to us. We believe in caring for others, even if they are across the globe. We believe in taking care of our earth. We believe in a process focused on quality and creativity. Next week we'll share simple things you can do to make a difference.  
Want to know more? Visit Good on You and check out their blog. They even have an app you can use to see how your favorite brands are doing. 

Images by Tipping Point Photography

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