Grown-up Pleated Mask & Gummiband Set 1

Grown-up Pleated Mask & Gummiband Set 1

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Match your accessories! This set includes one face mask and one gummiband. 

The pleated cloth mask fits teenagers and adults. The bamboo fabric was dyed (by us) and feels soft and cool against the face. 

Masks: THREE layers of 100% bamboo rayon. Ties: 95% cotton/5% spandex. 

Easy to tie on. Stretchy ties can be tied around the head or tied to each other to create loops that go around the ears. Feel free to trim ties as necessary.

Care info: Machine wash and dry on cool/gentle after each use.

Cloth face masks are not a replacement for N95 or surgical masks. This mask is intended for use by a single individual to cover the nose and mouth to contain your respiratory secretions. The CDC recommends social distancing in addition to wearing a mask.

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