Soul Scarf - Limoncello


Lilla Barn + poemgrown

How does it work? Simply pick the the scarf you love, then scroll through the drop-down menu and choose the poem you would like to have stitched into the corner. We’ll put them together and send you your one-of-a-kind SOUL SCARF to make sure you’ll always be up to your neck in love. You can make your poem visible to the world or tuck it in just for yourself. 

The details. 

  • each scarf is 100% bamboo
  • scarf measures approximately 60"x60"
  • hand-dyed by us! each scarf is one-of-a-kind. 
  • poem is printed on unbleached 100% cotton and stitched into a corner
  • care instructions: machine washable, but we suggest hand washing to prolong the scarf's life. 

Beyond a scarf, here are a few more uses: Shawl, tablecloth, nursing cover, beach cover-up, cape, goddess wrap, sun shade, mini kimono, baby snuggler and peek a boo (babies or kittens!)

Found another way to use your Soul Scarf? Send it to us ( and we’ll feature it on our sites! 

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