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Lek means 'play' in Swedish. And we sure do love to play. 


The inspiration

Oh hi. I'm Bergen.

I was raised in Iowa, lived in Sweden, went to college in Minnesota, and now call Chicago home. I created Lilla Barn Clothing when I was pregnant with my first child and wanted to find baby clothes that went beyond pink and blue.

Our clothes are made to inspire individuality, adventure, and creativity while personifying slow fashion ideals. 


I have purchased many Lilla pieces throughout the years for myself and for gifts, and every time I have been so impressed! The work is beautiful, the fit is perfect, and my kids look adorable. I am especially obsessed with the ninja pants. There is nothing better for a cloth diapered baby! They are so comfortable and cool. And the little jackets? Come on. I get so much joy out of dressing my babies, and the fact that I'm backing a woman-owned small business is a big bonus!


My daughter has been wearing Lilla Barn clothing for almost 2 years now and they are my favorite pieces in her closet because they're incredibly well-made. My daughter loves the bright colors & bold patterns. I love the strength & integrity of the clothes - but more than that - I love that my daughter looks like an individual in them. She doesn't look a like a cookie cutter from a standard kids' clothing store and she definitely doesn't need to wear pink to be beautiful. There is a whole rainbow of beautiful colors out there and Lilla Barn uses them all with purpose & passion. 


I’m lucky enough to have added two Lilla Barn pieces to my son’s wardrobe (and a bunny-print pouch to my purse). Not only is Bergen’s fabric selection quirky and delightful, but I can tell that every single piece is made with love and care. But I have to confess: I only put my son in his polka-dot jacket when I have time for people to stop us and ask where we got it!


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