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We are on a mission to infuse bold colors and upbeat patterns into the wardrobes of adventurous little ones and big ones. All while slowing down fashion through thoughtful, hand-stitched, earth-conscious production right here in Chicago.

As adventurous little ones race by in a blur of bold colors and upbeat patterns, you can feel at ease that they are actually slow. Slow fashion, that is. Our garments for growing people and grown-up people are produced thoughtfully, by hand, and earth-consciously right here in Chicago.

Our mission: Encourage individuality and diversity by splashing audacious colors and plucky patterns across the wardrobes of every adventurous little one and big one. All while slowing down fashion through thoughtful, hand-stitched, earth-conscious production right here in Chicago. Jump in!


I have purchased many Lilla pieces throughout the years for myself and for gifts, and every time I have been so impressed! The work is beautiful, the fit is perfect, and my kids look adorable. I am especially obsessed with the ninja pants. There is nothing better for a cloth diapered baby! They are so comfortable and cool. And the little jackets? Come on. I get so much joy out of dressing my babies, and the fact that I'm backing a woman-owned small business is a big bonus!


My daughter has been wearing Lilla Barn clothing for almost 2 years now and they are my favorite pieces in her closet because they're incredibly well-made. My daughter loves the bright colors & bold patterns. I love the strength & integrity of the clothes - but more than that - I love that my daughter looks like an individual in them. She doesn't look a like a cookie cutter from a standard kids' clothing store and she definitely doesn't need to wear pink to be beautiful. There is a whole rainbow of beautiful colors out there and Lilla Barn uses them all with purpose & passion. 


I’m lucky enough to have added two Lilla Barn pieces to my son’s wardrobe (and a bunny-print pouch to my purse). Not only is Bergen’s fabric selection quirky and delightful, but I can tell that every single piece is made with love and care. But I have to confess: I only put my son in his polka-dot jacket when I have time for people to stop us and ask where we got it!


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