Lilla Barn Clothing: We make joyful clothes and accessories for thoughtful living.


Our spirit is packaged up in two little Swedish words, lilla barn, which translates as “little child". Remember how childhood can feel? Hopeful. Bold. Expressive. Our clothes embody that hands in-the-air-sliding-down-a-slide freedom of movement while making an all-eyes-on-me statement.

We make thoughtful, durable products for adventurous kids of all ages that create room for individuality, reflect our considered values, and last from one person to the next. We value self-expression, especially when it comes to gender, and offer adaptable prints, colors and patterns for everyone who loves to stand out. Sustainably-made with organic textiles and a Scandinavian sensibility, our clothes are made for fun.

We're grateful for your awareness of how our consumer decisions impact the Earth, its people, its animals and its resources. Our playful, well-made products are made in-house. We're glad you're here.

Lilla Barn kid clothes


Bergen Anderson, our founder and main clothes-maker, is a color equity ambassador--all colors are for all people. When Bergen was pregnant with her first child, she couldn’t find baby clothes for her daughter that weren’t stereotypical colors. As a lifelong maker, she decided to sew some herself and then just kept on sewing.

Bergen started Lilla Barn Clothing in 2011 with her mother Anne and sister Liv. She was raised in Iowa, lived in Sweden, studied in Minnesota, and now calls Chicago home, all of which influence her design choices. Just see if you can't find the Swedish character in her clean-lined, boldly-printed clothes. She loves finding creative ways to live a simpler life for her and her family and travels to explore more inspiration.

Bergen is inspired by artists like Matisse, Mondrian, Yayoi Kusama, and Georgia O’Keeffe due to their use of color and shape, as well as Nordic design. Her garments embrace rich colors, clean lines, echoes from nature, the use of negative space, the intersection of form and function, and most of all JOY.

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