Our Lilla Story

Lilla Barn: clothes and accessories with an urban edge for kids everywhere.

Lilla Barn means 'little child' in Swedish. The folks behind the brand (Anne, Bergen, and Liv -- that's us!) have a rich Scandinavian background so you'll see a lot of Nordic inspiration in what we make. 

Every garment is 100% handmade or handprinted in the USA (by us!). You can also find OOAK pieces as well as infant sizes in our Etsy shop

Who We Are

Anne is the mama. She's also a super-grandma, textile extraordinaire, and the one we go to with any questions…about anything. Anne is part of the Design and Construction team at Lilla Barn. She loves to add quirky details, bold colors, and unexpected pattern combinations so each piece has personality AND functionality. Anne also focuses on creating custom sacred textile art with her business Interwoven

Liv is daughter #3. She is awesome. Seriously. Liv is president, vice president, and secretary of the Screen Printing Department at Lilla Barn…which means she designs and hand-prints all of the t-shirts, sweatshirts, and onesies you see in the shop. And she loves it. During the day Liv is a graphic designer in the print industry and likes to knit scarves. You can see more of her design work here

Bergen is daughter #1. Typical first-born child, she is the over-achiever, head-honcho, and the one that started this crazy business. She also heads up the Lilla Barn Marketing Department, Legal Department, and Finance Department pulling it all together so that Lilla Barn exists. And she designs and constructs many of the Lilla clothes. Her daughter Johanna provides plenty of inspiration and is Lilla Barn's first model. 

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Have questions, comments, pics of your kids in Lilla clothes? Send us a note at info@lillabarn.com.