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Slow fashion. Organic. Sustainable. Conscious. Natural. Ethical. What does it all mean?

There are so many buzzwords and options that shopping even for the simplest things can be overwhelming. I’m right there with you. Over the next few weeks I’ll be exploring what these terms and concepts mean for Lilla Barn Clothing as well as for me and my family. The more information you have, the more conscious and deliberate you can be when making shopping decisions. I’m hopeful this will help. 

I recently read this article and it summed up much of how I’ve been feeling lately. There are SO MANY things we can do to help reduce our impact on the planet and its people. Sometimes it feels like too much and I often feel guilty because I’m not doing enough, both personally and professionally. 

Although this can all be frustrating since 71% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from 100 companies, I believe that every little thing we do makes a difference. We can make choices based on working conditions and water usage and fabric content and more. All of this matters and it’s all connected. Each change we make is another drop in the bucket and that bucket will eventually overflow. We CAN make change happen on a larger scale. 

This is my favorite quote from the article I reference above:

"Moving forward, we have to simplify our terminology and make it much easier for consumers to do the right thing. We have to be honest with ourselves and admit we don’t have all the answers, while pressing ahead to quickly find them. And we have to strive for clarity, so that consumers can take action with some degree of confidence. And last but not least, we must keep pressure on businesses and government to act with increasing urgency to address our biggest challenges."

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m working to find information to make sure I’m as educated as I can be and that Lilla Barn is operating as responsibly as possible. Do you have questions? Send me an email to and I’ll do my best to answer them. 

Next week I’ll be sharing what I’m doing to make small changes in my home and through my business. Stay tuned. I'll leave you with this image that my friend Penny shared online last week. 

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