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  • Shop Small Gift Guide

    Here are a handful of my favorite small businesses. All are women-owned. Many are local to Chicago. All have an online presence. It's safe to say I've purchased from almost everyone on this list
  • How to get started in the Slow Fashion Movement

    We've talked about slow fashion and its many benefits including clothes that last for years, transparency in production, and less waste in landfills. Not sure what you can do? Where to get started? Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling. Trust me, it's easy. 
  • Let's talk Slow Fashion.

    Slow Fashion. What is it? What is that name all about? What does it all mean? 
  • We're digging a little deeper!

    We're digging into slow fashion basics. What do you know about it? To better understand slow fashion, let’s talk about fast fashion first.