We're digging a little deeper!

We're digging a little deeper!

We're digging into slow fashion basics. What do you know about it? To better understand slow fashion, let’s talk about fast fashion first. 

Fast fashion is usually trendy fashion that is quickly designed and produced. It’s available everywhere and it’s available cheaply. 

Here are few things to think about:

  • With the focus on producing as quickly and cheaply as possibly, manufacturing is usually outsourced to countries like Bangladesh & China. This also means extremely low wages and unsafe work environments for many international garment workers. 
  • Garments are trendy and are not made to last which means more waste. 
  • Synthetic fibers like polyester are often used to cut down on cost. These fibers don’t break down or decompose in landfills. 
  • The more garments produced, the more natural resources are used. 

Basically, fast fashion is hard on the planet and it’s hard on people.

We all probably have fast fashion pieces in our wardrobes...especially with kid clothes, maternity or nursing clothes. It happens. Don’t feel guilty about it. In a few weeks I’ll share a few tips on what you can do to make a difference. 

Because it’s easy to make a difference. And we can do it. 

Want to know more? Watch The True Cost on Netflix or read thisthis, or this. Next week we'll hit upon why slow fashion makes a difference.

Photography by Tipping Point Photography

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